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What are educators saying about NetClick?

“I’ve just discovered your website and think its brilliant. I’ve trialled it with pupils and they are really keen to use it for real.
I will be showing it to other teachers in the maths faculty in coming weeks.”
Dave Burn, math teacher

“The presentation went great and NetClick made it really really interesting for the crowd. There were only around 25 people attending and we usually had 8-12 people voting per slide.
Very easy tool to use! Keep up the great work!”
Mohamad Elfakhani, psychiatry resident

“I’ve been using NetClick for the past several lectures that I have been giving to my physical oceanography class. At various points in the lecture I show slides like: “I understand potential vorticity; yes, no, sort of” and then review the responses after class. The results have turned out to be very valuable for me and I have adjusted the next lecture to address areas in which students have problems. One of the things that I found was that I did not spend much (if any time) describing ideas that are quite straightforward because they seem so obvious and, as a result, the class missed the point. Clearly an extra minute or two would have helped a lot.
Bottom line: I like the system and plan to continue using it.”
Peter Cornillon, a professor of oceanography

“NetClick makes it easy to upload files. I like that NetClick allows for images. When showing a neuron for example, I can ask students to tap on the dendrites or tap on the section that releases neurotransmitters.”
Sue Frantz, Professor and Tech blogger